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New Business Models in the

Creative Economy

Open Business Models for

3D Printing Innovation


The convergence of additive manufacturing with repositories to share 3D data, open hardware licensing, and platforms to remotely access manufacturing capacity is creating a prolific environment for innovation. Current business models, however, are ill equipped to deal with this disruptive landscape. How do companies (re)design their business models to facilitate open innovation? This interdisciplinary project addresses the key opportunities and challenges involved in the collaborative creation and capture of value across the 3D Printing ecosystem


The second most important pitch: how digital enterprise start ups navigate the endorsement economy

This project addresses an ‘evaluation hurdle' which plays a major - but as yet unacknowledged - role in the growth of new digital ventures. Much attention has been given to date to the first equity pitch start-ups give to investors. While important, this is only the first step in securing a future for the enterprise. Preliminary evidence suggests that there are additional strategies that ventures must devise if they are to survive and prosper in the longer term. These include overcoming a new valuation hurdle, in the form of a second pitch made to industry analyst experts, to secure their endorsement. In this research we throw light on how firms overcome this new valuation hurdle through bringing together the study of innovation and entrepreneurship with insights from ‘Valuation Studies’.

Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship